We Asked the Mentors...

We asked the Mentors to reflect on two questions:
  • Please can you describe your experiences as a Mentor/since becoming a Mentor and what you think you might have gained or achieved from doing so.
  • Is there anything that you would like to achieve that you don't feel you have so far?


My experience of being a mentor is hard to sum up as it has given me so much but, I will try! Being a mentor has enabled me to develop my knowledge in the career path I would like to take (working with children who have special educational needs and disabilities.) However, to me this is probably the least important aspect. I think my main achievement is working with a variety of children to develop both their confidence and skills in the arts. It has allowed me to grow as a person and allowed me to develop my ability to listen to others. It has taught me how to take everyone's ideas and include them in the piece of work we are creating so that every child feels valued. Another, achievement is seeing the development of some of our members who I have been working with throughout my time at Shed. It is great feeling that I have had something to do with that. I have also seen a different aspect of Shed through the holiday schemes. This has taught me how to engage children for a whole day. It has also enabled me to lead more sessions. I feel that the holiday schemes are a great chance for children to use their imagination to create an inspirational piece of work which they could call their own. It is a great achievement on my behalf to be part of this creation of drama and music. I feel that my main achievement is ensuring that all children are involved in the session and are getting the best from each workshop.

Becoming a mentor for Shed at The Park has given me a responsibility and a patience I did not think I had! I feel I am able to give more time to get to know people, and I have developed an understanding of autism and other disabilities that have helped me engage with children with these disabilities, including my young cousins who have only just been diagnosed. The members of Shed have stretched my imagination and never cease to surprise me with the creative ideas they come up with.

I would like to achieve a better confidence when it comes to teaching, or following up a task set by the artistic team! Sometimes I feel like i am a member too and struggle to think of something, or encourage the members to come up with and use their own ideas.

Being a Mentor at Shed has been a great experience, opened up many new doors for me and it is something I will certainly never forget.

It was great being a mentor at Shed@ThePark, I had already been working at another Chickenshed company prior to joining Shed and it was really refreshing to see a new perspective on being a mentor. I felt very well supported by the artistic team and other mentors and have always been impressed with how well the others work, interact, help and engage with the young people.

I would like to further my skills in dealing with the needs of some of the young people with disabilities.

As a Mentor I gained lots of new skills for example how to work with children and how to be inclusive in my work. It showed me a different side to the performing arts and how to incorporate everyone with different needs. I think being a mentor has made me a better person and has helped in my career choices.

Because I was allowed to take on different responsibilities with leading the children and taking on different roles so I don't feel there is anything missing.