Meet the Mentors

Meet The Theatre Shed's Amazing Mentors

Matt - Lead Mentor

I've been a mentor at Shed for over 6 years now, but involved with the company since its first show back in 2005. I started backstage and got involved with the technical team for the main show in their first four years, predominately setting up and operating the lighting. This was something I really enjoyed and straight away felt like I was part of the Shed family, being asked to help out as a mentor was great especially as my first show was at the Wycombe Swan. Currently I help out with CT1, which is the youngest of our groups, but I have worked with all different ages before and seen some of the kids go from CT1 through to Youth Theatre!

Being part of Shed is amazing and is the most rewarding work I've ever done. Mentoring allows you to meet people you wouldn't normally and create friendships and stories that will last a lifetime.

Alice - Lead Mentor

   I was 19 when i started volunteering as a mentor for The Theatre Shed, my main reason for this was to use my experience as an actress to encourage and support the members of this local theatre group. But it became much more than that. I began to develop a passion for Shed's ethos of inclusivity, so much so that i decided to go to university to study psychology with the aim of getting into Educational Psychology (helped along by a brilliant reference from Shed!).

I have now been at Shed for 6 years and am just about to complete my degree, I aspire to be in a position to facilitate the change in society that Shed achieves with ease every week. No boundaries, an open door for all where anything and everything is possible!